Knowing how to shine on any stage can change your career, your business, your relationships and your life!

What is Dramatic Solutions?

Dramatic Solutions teaches you how to shine on any stage.

We build your confidence and polish your presentation skills. We help you master the basics – such as voice and pacing – and the not-so-basics – tapping your strengths, bringing your audience along on the journey – so that you can be someone who engages with people in any situation. You become a strong and effective communicator whether you are in a one-on-one conversation or facing a standing-room-only crowd.

Our unique approach is based on the tools actors and directors use to

  • instill confidence
  • create the best performance
  • captivate and connect to the audience
  • be unforgettable
  • banish stage fright
  • deliver a crystal-clear message
I have known Ellen Lerner for many years. We have worked together in different capacities. At present, Playsthatwork has a strategic alliance with Dramatic Solutions, an S-corp engaged in simulation work in the USA. Ellen and her team of actors have been providing coaching, and training to TD Managers for the past 6 years. It has been a highly successful venture. Our client has greatly benefitted from this collaborative relationship.

Ellen is above all, a trusted and reliable professional. Her company is dedicated to providing the best and most successful coaching for her clients. Her first love is the stage, and she knows how to support her clients in delivering dynamic and engaging presentations. She is a seasoned speaker and presenter, who know how to bring out the “star” in her clients. Working with Dramatic Solutions, has been a pleasure. I cannot say enough good things about Ellen and her company.

~ Peter Gardiner-Harding