A New Way Of Thinking About Your Elevator Pitch!

The mistake we make is in thinking that our 60 second elevator pitch is the end. We stand up, we say something that we have whipped together, too quickly, and then we sit down. We are done, until the next time. That’s the problem. We see it as an ending. Your Elevator Pitch is actually the beginning. It is an introduction to you, your services, and your message. In your message you share what you can offer clients, what experience you can give them, and what experience they can then pass on to their clients. Next comes the 20, 40 and 60-minute presentations that you deliver on a regular basis, to stay connected with your audience, and to grow your audience. In these presentations you share your passion, and you provide solutions to your client’s problems.

It’s another platform to spread your message, and to gain visibility. Then it’s on to crafting your signature speech, a speech that delights, arouses, intrigues, and informs your audience. It changes them. Your signature speech is unique and specific to you and your work. It’s more than just getting up doing your 60 second elevator pitch, and hoping to sell one product, to one new client. We need to think bigger people! This is the beginning of a relationship that you want to grow, develop, and maintain.

It’s similar to the “first date” and how you take the time and effort to prepare for that first meeting. It’s not about the date. It’s about what the date represents for you, such as love, marriage, children, grand children, family, and so many other things. There is so much potential in that first date. There’s so much potential in your 60 second elevator pitch. Understanding that this is the beginning and not the end, will change everything for you and how you think about your 60 seconds, your work, and your sales strategy.