About Ellen

ellenA business owner with the soul of a performer, Ellen, is an Actress, a Speaker, and a Presentation Skills Coach.

Her career began in acting, with the love of the stage.  Over the years, this love has been transformed into work as a presentation skills coach.  Ellen spent most of her career helping others find their voice, polish their skills, and deliver dynamic and persuasive presentations. As an actress, she understands what is involved in creating, preparing, and executing a strong and engaging performance.

With twenty years plus experience as a coach and trainer, she has learned how to bring out the best in people. Ellen supports her clients in developing and utilizing their natural skills and gifts to convey well-prepared messages, delivered with conviction. Whether she is working with business owners or corporations, the goal is the same; capturing an individual’s passion and turning it into a presentation that is memorable.

Ellen combines her performance skills with coaching acumen to build dynamic relationships with her clients. Her interactions are direct but kind, focused but fun, and always transformational.

She makes it her mission to provide coaching and workshops that are entertaining, and thought-provoking.  Approaching this work as an actor takes the trainings to a whole new level.  Ellen teaches her clients the secrets that only actors know.

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A little background

  • I grew up in Montreal, Quebec and did my undergraduate studies at McGill University.  I received a B.A. in English/Drama, and graduated with Honors.
  • Graduate Studies were pursued in Toronto, Ontario in Expressive Arts Therapy.
  • My Corporate Facilitation skills were honed with Focus Management Group in Toronto and then Powersuasion, Inc. in Chicago.
  • As a Certified Professional Coach, I studied with The Coaches Training Institute based in California.