Hey Everyone,

Turns out, all the world is a stage… a stage where you have the opportunity to be a star player every day.  Don’t let dull content and lackluster delivery of your key messages keep you a bit player.

Learn to Shine!

We’re offering this workshop twice on Tuesday, October 26. You can join us for the morning session that kicks off at 9 a.m., or the afternoon session that begins at 2 p.m.

Spend two hours with Barbara Govednik and Ellen Lerner and learn how to write your perfect script and deliver it with verve and power so that you make a star turn every time you speak.

Write the Script

Crafting your message so it captures your passion, your personality and the possibilities of working with you puts you in the spotlight. Barbara, a professional writer who’s been creating great content for more than 20 years, guides you through finding just the right words to convey your unique message.

Polish the Delivery

When you shine, your business shines.  When you learn to make the most of your talents; when you speak with confidence; and when you are focused and powerful; your business will soar. Ellen will show you how to be dynamic, exciting, and create impact.   As a result, your business will attract and inspire. You will know the secrets to harnessing your Star Quality!

When you’re intentional about what you say and how you say it,
you can’t help but take center stage

Learn It

Sign up for the two-hour, hands-on session to learn the fundamentals of crafting your unique story and delivering it with Star Quality, and get started putting them in practice.

Try It

Back in your office, bring the concepts and ideas to life as you continue to refine your message and practice its delivery.

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