Babies & Boas!

May 1, 2010

Thank goodness for tulips and daffodils

It’s spring and I am feeling good and creative. So here it comes. After observing my daughter on a daily basis, I have come up with some thoughts that I would like to share with you. This newsletter is all about reconnecting with that inner baby, and rediscovering the world and our lives all over again. If that isn’t exciting enough, we’ll talk about why everyone should own a boa, preferably purple. Read on for some truly inspirational and dramatic thoughts! You might also get a laugh or two. I am feeling playful.

Enjoy, Learn and Laugh!

Ellen Lerner, Drama Queen

Here’s what I know!

I have been observing this adorable child for quite some time, and I am constantly amazed by how she approaches life and her world.  The smallest things, bring such incredible joy, like looking at the tulips that have opened in our garden.  She wants to touch everything, which can make me a little crazy trying to keep up, but she must feel for herself what this world is all about. 

Then when she finally touches, the amazement on her face is glorious. The other night, as I was rocking her to sleep, she touched my arm, as if for the first time. She was getting to know me, almost imprinting the feel of my arm in her brain. It was truly extraordinary to behold. She doesn’t miss a thing. Everything is worth knowing to her, feeling, smelling, and even tasting.

Then I step back, and ask myself…

When did we as adults lose that desire to know, touch, feel, and taste everything? 

When did we become such experts of life, that we stop exploring, and stop taking the time to discover? 

We are so busy, myself included, that we just assume we know enough of life to keep moving along. We take ourselves, our partners, and our friends for granted.

I caught myself finishing a friend’s sentence the other day, assuming I knew where she was going. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Am I the only one, getting this? We look at our partners with the same old eyes, thinking we know them.

No we don’t, they have so much more to offer if we just look at them with eyes that are fresh and wide open.

It’s time to open ourselves up again to the beauty and mystery that is all around us.

It’s the same with the purple boa. I put it on Isabella and she rose to the occasion, as if she were always meant to wear that boa, as if she were a star. She doesn’t question or hesitate. She doesn’t wonder if she is deserving or beautiful, or slim enough. She just is, and how amazing to see her take the stage.

Why is it so difficult for the rest of us to embrace beauty, passion, and ourselves. 

To walk out on the stage of our lives and shine, proudly and beautifully? 

Hmm, I feel next month’s newsletter taking shape already. 

I was at an event the other day, and one of the speaker’s was a burlesque dancer. Clearly, a woman in touch and comfortable with her sexuality. Why, I ask myself is my baby the only one running around my house naked? She takes such pleasure and joy in her nakedness! Do you? I for one, could use some naked running. Of course, I will keep the blinds drawn, no need to get the neighbors involved. Still, something to be said about reconnecting with that part of ourselves.

Maybe, some burlesque lessons are in order for me, and for you.

Time to explore the world, with Isabella’s eyes, and hands and heart. They make it a wondrous place to behold!