Changing the light in the room!

September 23, 2010

My friend Don the poet, believes that the beauty of coaching is that it changes the light in the room.  Isn’t that a wonderful and compelling image.

Once  you have experienced the transformational  powers of coaching,  you will see your life and the world through a different lens.  All the hard edges will soften, all the colors will be more vibrant, the sounds clearer and more seductive, and the smells sweeter, and more intoxicating.  Wow, I think I am waxing poetic.   It also means that you will be perceived in a very different light, a stronger and brighter light.

Coaching changes  lives!

What a gift to yourself and to the world, daring to see yourself in a new light, and allowing your light to touch those around you.  Once you are changed, you are changed forever.  You will enter a room and your presence will create a glow that is warm and inviting.  Your deeper knowing will affect everyone around you.

How will you use this gift, and who will you touch?  My guess is that you will touch everyone you meet.

Yes, coaching changes the light in the room, the light in your life, and the light in the world!

Thank you for those beautiful words Don!