Have you lost your Mojo?

August 23, 2010

Sometimes, when I am speaking at an event, it feels as if  many  people in that room  have lost their Mojo!   I mean, they may have lost their passion for their work, and for their business.  When I talk about the joy and excitement our work must have, it feels like I am looking out at a sea of blank faces.  When I say, we must create strong messages that explain why we do what we do, their expressions fall flat.   Of course, I could be imagining all of this, but there must be some truth to what I am sensing, to what I am seeing.

Do you ever forget  how remarkable you are and why you started your remarkable business?  Do you ever struggle to hold on to the thrill and fulfillment of doing work that serves and is of value?  You wouldn’t be alone if you answered yes to these questions.  It can happen to you, or to me if we aren’t paying attention.

We get caught up in the day to day running of the business, and the shine falls away.  Or is that we just stop shining? Life sneaks in and we get busy doing, instead of living and feeling.  We lose our Mojo and don’t even know it until one day someone like me, points it out to someone like you.

Whatever the truth is for you, if you have lost your Mojo,  you can always reclaim it.  It’s never too late to get back on that path of passion.  Start infusing your life and work with  happiness and purpose.  You can always choose a different path, one that pulls you in a direction of peace and inspiration.

Just start noticing how much joy you bring to your work day!