Growing Pains

June 1, 2010

I hope you are having a wonderful June!

This month’s issue is all about growing pains, and making changes. After four years of being in business, I finally understand how I make a difference. I finally found my niche.

It really was very simple, and yet I needed the help of a business coach to help me articulate what I really do, and how I do it. It’s not earth-shattering, or even surprising, still it took some time, and some rethinking.

It feels good to stop sounding like a lot of other life coaches, and start sounding like myself.

Sometimes, you just have to stumble, fumble, and wait until things come together. The key is to keep moving and eventually it will all make sense. It did for me.

If you are curious to hear how Dramatic Solutions has grown up, read on!

Enjoy, Learn and Laugh!

Ellen Lerner

We will help you to shine!

That’s really what I do, I help my clients shine. Whether I am coaching or presenting, the goal is the same. I help people see the beauty and possibility that is inside of themselves. I help them understand the message they want to deliver. Then, I help them step out onto their stage, the stage of life, business, and the world. I give them the skills they need to share their message effectively, professionally, and with impact.

I was confused about how I could blend the coaching and the presenting. I felt like I had two separate companies, and my message wasn’t clear. It’s all about the communication, first with yourself and then with others.

My business coach calls it “presenting from the inside out”.  I like that!

I hired a business coach. As you know, I walk my talk. I believe in the power of coaching and have been so blessed to have had such incredible experiences, on a personal and professional level. You really should try it. There is nothing like the power of your very own champion!

So here’s my blurb and I hope that you think it makes perfect sense.  What you think matters to me!

“We are a coaching company and we work with dynamic, professional women in leadership roles. Our clients are leaders in their lives, leaders in their business, and leaders in the world. With our help, our clients get clear on their goals and dreams, and connect to their unique, innate power. Once they are clear on how they want to show up in the world, we teach them to effectively and professionally share their message with a wider audience. We do this by showing them how to communicate their message in the style of who they truly are. We teach them to shine!”

There you have it. Dramatic Solutions has come of age. I told you it isn’t a surprise or really a “wow” statement. In fact, I am moving away from the wow factor, and enjoying a place of quiet understanding and knowing. It feels good to spread my message without having to be dramatic! This message speaks for itself.

I would love to hear your feedback!

Thank you for growing and shining with me!

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