Presentation Skills Coaching

For an actor to deliver a convincing performance in a role, he or she has to understand and believe in the role and become the character. The same is true for anyone making a presentation or hoping to close a sale. You must believe in what you are saying, embody your message and embrace your place in the spotlight as you tell your particular story.




One-on-one presentation skills coaching for anyone with a message to share or an audience to win over:  Executives  |  Entrepreneurs  |  Authors  |  Coaches

We partner with you to

  • identify your core strengths and unique talents
  • build your skills and confidence as a presenter
  • develop your authentic stage presence that promotes integrity, credibility and excitement
  • sharpen your ability to communicate with clarity and purpose
  • transform dull presentations into clear, memorable, dynamic conversations, and performances
  • craft and deliver incisive, memorable and effective elevator pitches
  • prepare you to win business or sell your ideas; make a compelling argument or call to action
  • connect you to the power of your voice and the power of your convictions
  • attract, fascinate, empower, inspire and persuade any audience

How we do it

  • We can meet in person
  • We can work together using Skype – all you need is a webcam
  • You can send me a copy of your video, hard copy or digital, and I will review, assess and recommend

It’s Your Choice, you can purchase:

  • A Single Session — one intensive 3 hour session
  • A One Month Package — four, 2 hour weekly sessions
  • A Three Month Package — twice a month for 2 hours

NOTE:  Additional sessions can be added to any of these packages.

Contact me for your free consultation, and we can determine which choice would be best for you.


Group Coaching

Group Coaching is the way to go if you want your team to sharpen their skills, step into the spotlight with confidence and power, and close that deal.

Use our services for

  • Professional development
  • Team meetings
  • Conferences and retreats
  • Workshops

Dramatic Solutions focuses on the “secrets” actors know and use to win over their audiences, including:

  • understanding the subtext of the message – what is under the surface at the emotional core
  • playing to the audience
  • using your voice and body to captivate and create impact, set the tone and elicit an emotional response
  • structuring your material as a play is structured, with a logical beginning, middle and end; with distinct acts and a clear conclusion
  • taking your audience on an involving and engaging journey

Call today for your free consultation and we will determine
the best way to help you and your team “Shine”!