Remarkable You!

August 12, 2010

In order to be remarkable, you must stand out.   You must take a stand for something.  It’s time to place your stake, throw your hat in the ring, and burn that bridge.  I am in the mood apparently for cliche’s.  You must decide that you are the “one and only”, the big kahuna, the cream of the crop, (more cliches) and that it won’t be long before everyone is talking about you and praising the incredible work that you do. Once you believe and own this part of yourself, the rest is easy.

Andrea J. Lee, a wonderful Business Coach, talked about writing a Manifesto at the Conference I attended in April on Thought Leadership. A Manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions. Here’s what she said about crafting your Manifesto:  Get passionate, be succinct and direct, and leave the reader with a charge.

Here’s what I say: Put into words what you do and why you do it!  Writing your Manifesto helps you create a strong and passionate message about the fire that burns deep inside of you.  I hope you have somewhat of a fire, even if it is smoldering at the moment.  You are sharing your story about your journey, how it began, why it began, and where you are today because of this journey.

No this isn’t for the feint of hearts, but neither is being Remarkable.  Share your Manifesto if you like, or keep it for yourself, it doesn’t matter, just give it a try.

Pam Slim, the author of Escape from Cubicle Nation, has an awesome Manifesto on her blog. You definitely want to check it out.

It’s all about sharing your powerful message and then creating products that highlight this message.  The end result, remarkable company, remarkable owner, and remarkable products.  How can you lose?

Start with why, says Simon Sinek.  In this way, people understand what drives you, what sets you apart, and why you are the best person for them to be doing business with.

Don’t be satisfied with just being average!  You are remarkable, you simply need to start believing in yourself, your abilities, and your work.

As for  me, I am working on this just like you.  Everyday I become a little more remarkable!

Go out there and Shine!