Rock Your Elevator Pitch Coaching

You introduce yourself, your business, your products, your services every day. To make the most of those opportunities, you need an elevator pitch that’s focused, memorable and shows you off at your best.

In just three hours, one-on-one Rock Your Elevator Pitch Coaching will lead you through the entire process of crafting and delivering a power pitch, whether you are starting from scratch or perfecting what you already use. I’ll help you uncover and spotlight your star qualities, zero in on just the right words, and elevate your delivery to command attention.

This will help you:

  • Powerfully express your unique, authentic introduction of yourself and the business you’re in
  • Confidently represent the brand and tap into your “inner performer” at networking events, sales conferences, and in casual conversations with potential clients
  • Collaboratively support each other to uncover each person’s star qualities and develop a personal take on representing the company brand

How we get you to Rock Your Elevator Pitch:


First, Create the Script:

Craft your message so it captures your passion, your personality and the possibilities of working with you and your company. I will guide you through finding just the right words to convey your unique message.


Next, Ace the Delivery:

When you shine, your business shines. When you learn to make the most of your talents; when you speak with confidence; and when you are focused and powerful; your business will soar. I will show you how to be dynamic, exciting, and create impact. As a result, your business will attract and inspire. You will learn the secrets to harnessing your Star Quality.


Finally, Put Your Pitch to Work:

You walk out of the coaching session with sharply crafted pitch and the confidence to deliver it with power and passion. And you’ll have had fun doing it!

If you need to improve your pitch in an environment that is fun, thought-provoking and effective, give me a call!

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