I attended an Entrepreneurs Luncheon the other day, and Rick Bayless was the presenter.  As an incredibly successful entrepreneur, he was a great choice to speak about his rise to fame and fortune.  Just kidding about the fame and fortune, he is an incredibly understated “Celebrity”.  There was no mention of fame and fortune, he spoke about passion and success.  In fact, he feels like the boy next door, or in his case, the wonderfully creative Chef next door.  Yes, I wish he were my neighbor.  I would love to be able to pop over for a Margarita and some wonderful inspiration.  Not to mention some great tacos and empanadas.

Listening to him speak about his journey, was like listening to a  story about one man’s love of culture, food, and his place in the world.  Rick, I hope you don’t mind me calling you Rick!  Look how easy it is for me to be on a first name basis with this man.  For some reason, I  feel like I know him.  He has this wonderful way of making you feel like you are an important part of his life.  He talks about a two-way conversation between himself and the people he “serves”.  Serves is a great way to describe his work, because he gives back so much to the community, to young chefs, to the people who work with him, and to the rest of us.

Through Story, he describes his travels, his family, his life choices, and his food.  Of course, you know how fond I am of storytelling and drama.  The truth is there is nothing more exciting than human drama.  When I do my presentation skills coaching, I am always talking about the story behind the word, facts, and figures.  I am always looking for a way to make the presentation come alive.  Rick reinforced how important it is to bring our authentic selves to our life’s work, and to keep people connected and attracted, to us by sharing our Stories.  Sometimes we forget how important this connection can be.  As business owners, our stories are the thing that sets us apart from all the other people who do what we do.  If you want to differentiate yourself from the masses, you must share your Dramas!

Thank you Barbara Govednik of 423 Communications for inviting me to this luncheon.  It was a very inspiring morning!   In case you are wondering, they didn’t serve Rick’s food.  You have to head over to Frontera Grill for the real thing.  Anyone want to join me!

Let’s toast to Stories, Drama, Passion, and Rick Bayless!