Stepping up and Stepping out!

September 14, 2010

Why oh why, would you want to keep playing it small?  Why play the smallest version of yourself?  Why hide behind mediocrity?  Well, one of the answers that comes to my mind is fear!  That big old gremlin enters the picture and encourages you to stay exactly where you are!  I bet your gremlin sounds something like this,  “don’t give them an excuse to ridicule you, don’t let them knock you down, you just stay where you are, and you won’t get hurt!”

Well,  your Gremlin may sound a little bit different, but the results are the same.  With your Gremlin’s help, your spirit, your beauty, and your power remain  silent, and you keep playing the same role you have been playing your entire life.  Aren’t you just a wee bit tired of this role.  Isn’t it time you silenced those Gremlins once and for all!

Wondering how to silence those Gremlins!  Start by reading “Tame your Gremlins” by Rick Carson.  Hiring a life coach to help you in this area is another good idea. (Little plug for me)

Sometimes, when I am presenting, I feel like I am surrounded by a sea of fearful and annoyed faces.  Fearful, because I might call them out and ask then to step up and step out.  Annoyed, because I might call them out and ask them to step up and step out.  They are right of course, I do want more from them.

I want as much as they have to give, which in most cases is a lot.  I will lovingly and metaphorically poke them, prod them, and help them to see the light.  There I go, preaching again.

But really, isn’t it time to say no to mediocrity, and hello to big, bad you?

I will keep doing what I do, to get more and more people to Shine!  Yes, some will remain annoyed with me, but others, they will be delighted.  Those are the people I am looking for!!!!!!!

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