What Is Your Destiny?

October 24, 2011

Imagine two characters on a stage. Meet Patricia the Pauper. She is sitting in her chair feeling dejected, unworthy, unloved, and depressed. She is struggling with her situation and unhappy. Poor Patricia, life has dealt her a crappy hand.

Meet Mary the Millionaire. She is dressed beautifully in a lovely designer suit, matching designer shoes, and matching designer handbag. She has a huge smile on her face, and she is content knowing that “she has made it”. Lucky Mary, fate has bestowed wealth, prosperity and kindness on her.
Who do you associate with? Are you the Pauper or the Millionaire? That isn’t much of a choice at all. If you aren’t the Millionaire, then you must be the Pauper, right? Wrong, that’s the lie that we have all bought into.

Who says that the pauper isn’t happy, content, and secure? Isn’t it possible that the Millionaire is miserable, living in fear ,with scarcity issues? Money doesn’t equal happiness, and you aren’t a failure just because you don’t have. We have been programmed to believe that if you aren’t the Millionaire, then the only role for you is the pauper. We spend all of our time trying to be the millionaire, and we suffer, struggle, and beat ourselves up when we can’t live up to this expectation. We can’t live up to this expectation because we struggle and suffer.

So what’s the truth here? Who are the other characters on this stage that we are omitting? What role do you want to play? How about Sarah the Saver, Frannie the Frugal, Irene the Investor, and Candy the comfortable? Cute I know!

All of these roles are good roles, worthy roles, and contributing roles. It’s time, especially today, to look at wealth in a different way. What needs to be examined is how you feel about your own financial success and worth. It’s time to bridge the distance between these two characters. We live in a world strongly defined by definitions. If you don’t fit into the popular ones, envied ones, then you don’t fit in. How does that serve you, your community, and your world? It doesn’t!

Make your own destiny. Own it, love it, and be proud of it!