I love this question, thank you very much Barbara Govednik!  She posed this question to the participants in our Workshop the other day.  I was listening to her speak,  and I straightened up in my chair when she threw it out.

I was waiting for their reactions, and I wasn’t disappointed.  You could see the participants taking it in and not really sure how to respond.  At first, it seems like an opportunity for your ego to go wild and for you to tell everyone in sight just how wonderful and fabulous you are .  Alright, this is just my take on it.  I can see myself preaching about the wonders of being Ellen Lerner.  Once a drama queen always a drama queen.

For most people, fear shows up and they get very quiet.   We tend to avoid stepping up and sharing our greatness, to avoid what we assume people will be thinking of us.  Too much Ellen  is a bad thing, right?  No, it’s a great thing!  By not taking this strong position, we do ourselves a disservice, we run from the light, and from our beautiful reflections so that we won’t annoy anyone, piss them off, or inccur their wrath.

Instead, we play it small, quietly doing our thing but never really owning that remarkable side of who we are.  Here’s what I say, stand on the hilltops and spread the good word about you and your business to everyone that will listen!

Here’s my moment of glory:

“The people who work with me will laugh, they will cry, they will be moved to feel the gamut of emotions.  They will be treated with kindness, encouragement, love and respect.  They will be held up with the highest esteem and given wings to fly.  I will be their biggest and most fierce champion.  I will show them how to shine!  And they will have the ride of their lives”.

I could probably come up with a few other things, but I don’t want to brag!

Now go out there and do the same thing, it’s very therapeutic!